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Becoming a new parent seems so daunting and thinking about getting out of the house with a new born in toe is terrifying, atleast it was for me. I could quite easily have sat home snuggling my precious new baby forever but that’s just not reality.

It’s a hard first step to take especially if your partner has had to go back to work and you will be doing it on your own, but even with your partner it’s still scary, after all you’re both new to this.

But once you’ve done it a few times it does get easier, you may even start to feel it would be good to get out of the house a few times a week, socialise with other Mum’s and meet other gorgeous babies. I thought it would be good to share my experiences and classes that we enjoyed and that are still benefiting us now.

Baby Signing

This wasn’t the first class that we went to and it wasn’t my ‘favourite’ but I have found it the most useful, i can definitely see the advantage f it.

In the class that I attended you get taught 28 signs and then you learn to use them in rhymes. I wanted to make sure that I used them in our everyday life as I thought if Little Rambles was maybe hungry or wanted a drink etc, I could be told even though maybe LR hadn’t started talking but though sign.

To my amazement me and Mr Rambles have actually kept up the signing at home and are really starting to see it work. When we say eat to Little Rambles it is often ignored, but if we say eat and do the sign Little Rambles will eat what is in hand. We also know a sign for ‘Finished’ and now when LR is done will do that sign (in LR own way but we know what is meant) so we can see its working both ways.

When it is bath time we do the signs for clean, bath and play and LR will get excited and I believe understands that it is bath time.

10 out of 10 recommend.

Baby Yoga

If you have read my blog post Relaxation (linked) you will already know how highly I rated Mum and Dad Baby Yoga. It was in my opinion my favourite class to do with Little Rambles. It was a 10 week course and I genuinely looked forward to every session.

It was a great course focused on baby and you! I mean who would have thought it a course for baby where you get some you time too?! It teaches you different stretches and movements to encourage baby to do different movements as the age range of the babies were from 6 months to almost 2 years. You also focus on your posture and get good stretches in, if you are breastfeeding I would seriously recommend as you forget how much you are hunched over when feeding that when you get help to straighten back out you grow a few inches. I also learnt how to feed with a better posture so my back wasn’t hurting as much.

My favourite course

Baby Massage

Little Rambles was around 12 weeks when we done this class, from memory I think this is the minimum age. This is a really useful class but it is something that you have to actually do each day to see the benefits in my opinion.

Me and Mr Rambles have had the same bath and bed routine for Little Rambles since the day we came home as a family. We would bath, dry, talc, cream whole body, dressed and read a story. So in essence Little Rambles was getting a massage but we didn’t know proper techniques.

After going to the 6 week course I learnt ways in which are safe to massage and how to help with constipation, how to clear a head cold (brilliant tips I wouldn’t have ever tried, thankfully we haven’t had a cold yet but I have the heads up for when we do)

My Little Rambles has always been a very calm, contented happy little baby. We have been super lucky but I do put it down to a few things – Listening to ASMR throughout pregnancy and post partum, being a breastfed baby and massages in our night time routine that we do every day. If theres one thing me and Mr Rambles have been good at since becoming parents is making sure Little Rambles gets that night time routine in every night as its when we spend time together as a family and are all calm and relaxed.

Try and incorporate into your routine for max benefit.

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