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Welcome to Book Club

When I get the time I love nothing more but to read a good book. I try to mix up the type of books that I read just to keep things interesting.

On this page I would like to start an on-line book club where we all read the same book and share our thoughts. So please send your suggestions through.


To start it off I am going to be reading The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell.

The Synopsis – 

In a land riven by conflict, an orphan boy has come of age. Once betrayed, kidnapped and enslaved, Uhtred is now a skilled warrior who kneels to no one.

Alfred – Saxon, unlikely king, man of god – fights to hold the throne of the only land still resisting the pagan Vikings. Uhtred and Alfred’s fates are tangled, bound by destiny and blackened by the flames of war.

Together they will change history….



The reason i am excited about this book is because I watched the series on Netflix and absolutely loved it. If they manage to do a good job for a TV series you know the book will be a million times better … at least I am hoping so.

Hope you join me in this read and I will post updates as I go along. 


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