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Breast to Bottle

If you have read my post called Breastfeeding you know that I have breastfed my Little Ramble since birth, but all amazing things must come to an end unfortunately.  I went into breastfeeding with an ‘If I can, I will’ attitude, wasn’t going to be upset if I couldn’t. BUT, since being able to I have become a real lover of the fact our bodies can do this amazing job for our little ones and would highly recommend that if you can breastfed you should, it is hard work but it is so rewarding.

I never thought I would be the Mum who got upset at the thought of having to stop but to my surprise I am. I know it needs to be done. Me and Mr Rambles have big plans for our families future and this is the next step in our plans. So this post is more a Ramble about my feelings on weaning before me and Little Rambles have accomplished it.

I have read a LOT on how you are ‘supposed’ to wean your baby and have numerous comments made to me about how, why and when it should be done. But I think NOBODY else knows how to do it apart from you and your baby, it’s been you and your baby doing this together since day one so together you will both figure out the best way to wean, the best time to wean, the best reason to wean.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get tips and listen to advice around you but you shouldn’t feel like that’s the way because most people, websites included (not personal websites/blogs) haven’t actually done it themselves. They are going by what a ‘Guide Book’ recommends, and yes, that may have worked for one or two people but that doesn’t mean its going to work for you. Every baby is different every breastfeeding journey is different, so every weaning journey is going to be different. It’s not a one shoe fits all.

Me and Mr Rambles are taking the weaning one step at a time (Thankfully, i got very lucky and have a super supportive husband), trial and error if it doesn’t seem to be working one way we will try another. The main thing I would recommend is communication is KEY, if you aren’t on the same page and being consistent with the technique I don’t believe it will work. Otherwise just do what you want to do and what your baby responds well too. 

We are Mums and we GOT this, we CAN do this, we WILL do this and we will SMASH it.

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