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Buying a house

Buying a house is such a stressful topic for various reasons. I want a house but I know I don’t need a house. I have a perfectly good home as it is and I am very VERY fortunate to have all that I do, some people have nothing. People around the world have a tiny room that they call home and they are so happy with that, I do envy them because in a this day an age, its a first world problem to not have your own home. Seriously its so silly to want something that really isnt important, and yet I still find myself wanting one. It’s selfish of me and greedy. But when I picture me and my little family in a house I don’t picture the fact that it’s ‘Mine’ but the memories we can make in a space that is ours. A garden to play in, where water fights are to be had and barbeque’s that go late into the evening. The home we have now we can do all the things I imagine and day dream about BUT in my day dreams it is always a house that I have made into a home that I see. It upsets me that I want everything and have worked hard to try and achieve it but can’t just be whole heartedly content with what I do have. Health, Happiness, Love, an AMAZING child.

House prices in the UK compared to wages in my opinion are stupid, the houses are getting smaller, the quality of the builds is terrible and yet the prices are still going up. It all comes down to greed, myself included as I know if I could buy a new build house I probably would even know I know it’s a rip off. Nobody apart from the property developers are winning from this as they know they can do a poor quality house and get loads of money for it, whilst we would have to work for years and years and years to pay it off and in the end lose money on such a poor investment.

See, I know all this and yet I still want a house. 

After speaking with some friends today though I feel I would rather buy an older house that needed a lot of work than a new house. I would rather have a quality home than a cheap and quickly built home.

All that being said, I will probably still always want a house but it’s a whole different story if I get one, I am happy with what I have but I guess I will always want more.

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