Packing. The ‘To Do’ List

Planning First Family Holiday

Christmas & New Years is well and truly over, all the chocolate and crisps are officially finished and we are looking forward to the next occasion where we can just spend time together as a family and relax. Queue Holiday!

Me and Mr Rambles love a sunny holiday, but have never been ones to just sunbathe. We prefer getting out and exploring the history, culture and learning all about the country we are visitors in. We want Littlest Rambles to enjoy the same when we eventually go abroad but whilst LR is so little we are sticking to a UK based holiday, no flying, no trains, no coaches, just us in a car on a very long journey… easy peasy, right?

So, how easy will it be to prepare for a holiday that doesn’t involve remembering tickets, queuing for eternity, making sure you haven’t forgot anything like LR favourite teething toy or Mr Rambles favourite swimshorts?!?!

“Easy” I hear you say, well pre baby I would have agreed, post baby and a strong dose of baby brain later I fear it will be impossible. That is why I have created my very own’to do’ list below.

  • Get Mr Rambles to get the suitcases out atleast a month in advance. That way you can pack and re-pack until you can’t pack no more.
  • Let’s face it, piles are your new best friend. 
    – LR pile will be first and probably the biggest, packing everything but that one vest you are still debating whether or not they will need. They don’t so put it back.
    – Mr Rambles is next, get him to get everything out that he needs, check it and add the 3 pairs of missing pants and a whole heap of socks, this is still the UK we won’t be wearing flip flops. 
    – Now don’t forget your own clothes, this is your holiday too. Wearing the same sweat pants 3 days in a row just wont cut it. 
  • Buggy or Pram? The big debate. Have it with Mr Rambles, win and put the pram back into the car.
  • Pack hats, sunglasses and sunscreen in hopes the British sun will show itself, sigh and put an umbrella in the boot of the car.
  • Towels? Endless towels, shower towels, beach towels, hair towels, floor towels, face towels, towels, towels, towels…. (The towels have a suitcase of their own, and the word has lost all meaning) 
  • Move over towels, we need to make room for nappies. Towels out nappies in agree to share one big towel.
    – Get to destination, see shop that sells the exact same nappies regret leaving those 5 towels behind on the bed.
  • Ask Mr Rambles to pack toys. Check what he has packed, cry because he actually done good and you want to trade packing jobs.
  • Bed sheets and the essentials for a quick clean (what are those you ask? post coming soon). Friends tell you your silly to pack those, agree so you don’t seem OTT. Re-pack once they have left.
  • Shop, that’s right shop until you find a beach bag big enough to carry your whole world in but still looks cute and doesn’t break you to carry it.
  •  Pack snacks, not just for LR but for yourself – chocolate at this point counts as a snack you deserve it. Argue with Mr Rambles when he wants some of your chocolate but all he done was pack the toys!
  •  Set alarm for an eternity before you have to leave otherwise you will never leave on time, on time being an hour after you were supposed to.
  • Sit on suitcase to close it. Re-open suitcase when you have realized you have packed your travel outfits. Sit back on suitcase, travel clothes were laid out in the front room already.
  • Ram everything in the car whilst being told by Mr Rambles you have packed to much.
  • & lastly, you made it! Set off and enjoy your holiday.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I can’t wait to go on holiday as a family for the first time it’s so exciting.

Let me know if you are going on holiday this year and what your ‘To Do’ lists look like.



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