Get your SMEAR on

I was pregnant when the first letter arrived to tell me it was time to go for a cervical screening and  I was relieved that I couldn’t go because of being pregnant, looking back this was silly of me. I have had a few more letters since and each time said ‘yep, will book in tomorrow’ and never did. But one day I was just sitting playing with Little Rambles and realised just how lucky I am to live in a country where you get this possible life saving test done for free and I wasn’t going. I was being silly, I had given birth so this would be easy right?

Getting closer to the day I was getting really nervous, yeah you have to show your bits off but I was more worried that it would hurt. Ladies, if you are scared because another lady will see your women bits, dont be. They’ve seen hundreds of them they wont even remember yours plus you probably wont see them again atleast for another 3 years.
But in all honesty it doesn’t hurt, It goes super quickly and the most you will feel is pressure when they turn the brush around.

Please check out the above link to find out more official details. Don’t put off going it could make a real difference to your life.

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