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It’s been a while, it feels good to hear the rhythm of my fingers again as they tap away. Easter has officially finished and the nice weather with it unfortunately, hoping to see the sun back again soon – everyone is in a much better mood for it, myself included. There’s so much more that you can do when the sun is out, we have been to the Zoo, been on hike styled walks, the park atleast a hundred times ha! & enjoying our own little outdoor space. The best part has been watching my Little Rambles just enjoy it all – we haven’t been stuck in with limited things to do. 

I have been practicing my sewing too and feel I have got on really good with it so far. My brother-in-law started my Giraffe obsession with LR, so IO have attempted to make a Giraffe teddy bear for LR birthday. I have a legit guide but I also wanted to free style it just to see what i could do and SURPRISINGLY it actually turned out to look like a Giraffe, just a very tiny one. I have to re-do it and go much bigger this time and used the correct material as I just used a ‘random’ one for this attempt. 


I’ve also brought some plants for indoors and outside which is a first for me so will be hopefully keeping those alive, they have made such a difference to the feel of my home. It’s also helping LR to be gentle as we say good morning and good night to them every day and I let LR touch the plants but not pull and so far so good. It’s funny how when you become a parent you see how everything can become a lesson for them. 

Saying that my LR is teaching me the most important lessons everyday without even realising. 

Well, I think that’s all the latest I have but let me know what you got up to over the Super Sunny Easter Bank Holiday!! 

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