History of Valentines Day

It’s February which means Valentine’s day is fast approaching.

Let’s have a little history about Valentines day and why we celebrate it.

It is believed that Emperor Claudius II found unwed young men fought better than those who were married so to have the strongest army he decided to ban marriage and have all men focus on joining the army and the battles that follow. But a priest called Valentine thought (rightly so) that this was unfair and so he decided he would keep marrying those who wanted to be wed in secret, breaking the law.  Claudis found this out and he ordered Valentine to be put to DEATH!

Valentine is was martyred and we celebrate by showing off the love that we have for one and another. Sorry Claudis but love wins.

This day is now celebrated by millions of people buying cards and gifts for our Valentine. Christmas time is the only holiday that beats Valentines day for the amount of cards brought, crazy!  

Emperor Claudis II did however go on to be a great fighter winning his battles, he did later die of a suspected Plague. Possibly Karma?

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