Netflix must See-ries

Every evening me and Little Rambles settle into bed and put Netflix on (after story time ofcourse) and put on a series to watch whilst I feed LR to sleep. Some nights in can take 5 minutes to get LR to sleep other 30 minutes or more, so it’s good to have something I can enjoy on and enjoy our cosy time even more. (Getting to cuddle my baby to sleep each night is pure joy) So some of the series that I have watched and really enjoyed are listed below.

1. The Last Kingdom.

I’m currently reading the book for this – which I am really enjoying, but I loved the series on netflixs I watched 3 seasons in 2 weeks. Impressive when your a mum and tired all the time ha!

If you like history, but of gore and fighting and a really handsome main man then this is for you.

2. Narcos

There are now two series of this on Netflix, I have only watched the one for Pablo Escobar. Me and Mr Rambles got really hooked on this and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really didn’t have a clue just how big Pablo was in the drug world it was an eye opener yet I couldn’t help feel for him when it all went south, is that wrong?

3. Sex Education

I really didn’t want to watch this one as the trailer was too corny for me but a friend insisted that I watch it so I was a good friend and gave it a chance and to my surprise I enjoyed it, it’s funny and the characters are played really well BUT I also hated it at the same time, because it opened my eyes to what teenagers do when parents aren’t around and now I’m a mum it mortified me!!

4. Conversations with a killer The Ted Bundy Tapes

This is a new release, and I havent finished this yet but i find the mindset of Ted Bundy fascinating. I always wonder if serial killers are born with it in them to do that or is it down to their life experiences. This gives you a small insight (of what I’ve seen) as to why he done the things that he did.

5. You

This was a good series again but it made me worry when people in the real world started to have a crush on the main character, as the things he was doing, the way he was acting is not healthy, I know it’s just a show but to fantasize about that is dangerous.

What are your favourite Netflix series currently & which ones would you recommend?

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