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Recycle with EllaCycle

Parent’s, we all want to make a difference so what if i told you there was a easy way that you can?
TerraCycle and Ella’s Kitchen have teamed up to make a recycle programme that we can all be apart of!

TerraCycle will accept Ella’s Kitchen food pouches and snacks along with any other brand of food pouches, the caps for the pouches included and recycle these for FREE. There is the option to drop off at a local recycling area or get a free label to ship off.

If you send them 5kg of waste at a time you will earn 2 points, you can then use these points to put towards charitable events, how amazing is that?!

There is so much wasted plastic ruining and killing our beautiful world that you doing such a simple deed as this one could really make a difference and it’s also teaching our children to look after the planet and that is only a good thing after all it will be their children and generations to come that will reap the rewards if we start to make the difference now.

Check out the above link to sign up and learn more about this amazing partnership. I was told about this by a friend and we are all going to collect our pouches and send them in as one to reach that 5kg target (roughly 550 pouches) This really is such a great idea and I do hope you take part.

  • We use plastic bags oin average for 12 minutes
  • Plastic is killing more than a MILLION birds and sealife each YEAR
  • 2 MILLION plastic bags are used around the world a minute
  • Every minute a MILLION bottles of bottled water are sold
  • 73% of worldwide beach litter is plastic
  • 8.3 BILLION tons of plastic has been produced since the 1950's

There are so many things we can do to help but being parents is a look of work and can take up a lot of time so this easy step will take now time out of your routine but will help so much!
Sign up and let me know how much you recycle.

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