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Trying to Conceive

My husband and baby were sleeping the other day and as hard as I tried (& I was super tired) I just couldn’t get to sleep, so I started browsing YouTube for some ASMR videos but instead stumbled across Crystal Conte’s new youtube series ‘The truth about Trying to Concieve’ trailer which you can watch here.

This video really got to me and so I watched her first episode (here) and was in a way disappointed in myself because even as a first time Mum I never took a moment to think about the other side of it all – the women and men who really struggle trying to have a baby.

Crystal shared that it is a unspoken topic and not enough people speak about it, which is understandable because if you are going through something so hard why would you want to?

So I thought maybe we could all speak up about it so that any of your friends or family that are going through this know they have someone to speak to instead of feeling like they are alone, even if it’s just a quiet hug or a day or pampering, just to be there could make a difference.

After watching this video it did occur to me how on a day to day basis people don’t think about what they say and how it can hurt people. For instance, before we decided to have a baby people would always ask me, when am I having a baby? or Better get moving to have a baby you’re not getting any younger … at that time we weren’t trying so I just thought it harmless but looking back now, if I had been trying to conceive and it wasn’t happening those little comments would have been like a knife to the heart each time.

We always ask people, so when are you getting married, when is the babies coming along, when are you buying a house etc but really we shouldn’t be asking those questions at all, we don’t know what is happening in that person’s private life or even if they want those things. There are plenty more harmless questions we can ask. 

If you get a chance please watch this series.

I really believe it can help create a community.

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